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Cary Grant wears a suit to brunch; other lessons from Round 2

By Melinda Mawdsley

Round 2 of our Chick Flick March Madness bracket is in the books. After Rachel and I explained our Round 1 disagreements — and there were many — we thought we'd explain why we voted the way we did in general.

Let’s call it The Head vs. The Heart.

The inner-argument I had between my head and my heart forced me to fill out four brackets — FOUR! — before settling on my final one, which I entitled, simply, “Heart.” How many did you fill out Rachel?

Rachel: Just two. But I think I had the same epiphany that you did: I initially voted for what I thought sounded good (trying to be Klassy with a capital K, apparently) rather than for what I genuinely liked. So, on my Official Bracket I unabashedly chose "Return to Me" over "When Harry Met Sally." And I'm not ashamed to admit it. The choices that tormented me were the ones in which my heart said yes to both. "The Philadelphia Story" vs. "Jab We Met," for example.

What were your excruciating choices, heart-wise?

Melinda: After three brackets wasted voting for what I thought were the best movies based on mainstream appeal and cinematic achievement, I quickly filled out one bracket based solely on what I watch over and over again because those movies make me happy.

My hardest choices were: “Indiscreet” vs. “Catch and Release” in Round 2 and “An Affair to Remember” vs. “Must Love Dogs” in Round 3. I genuinely love “Catch and Release” and “Must Love Dogs.” I mean, I OWN both movies. Ultimately, I chose Cary Grant flicks because he is the gold standard by which all other male protagonists in chick flicks should be measured.

Before we reveal my Cary Grant secret let's quickly reveal how we voted in Round 2, or the field of 32. We agreed on just three winners: "Sound of Music," "Dirty Dancing" and "An Affair to Remember."

The movies I picked to advance to the Sweet 16 were: "You've Got Mail," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Wedding Date," "Something's Gotta Give," "Indiscreet," "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," "My Fair Lady," "Leap Year," "Must Love Dogs," "Sweet Home Alabama," and "The Cutting Edge."

Rachel picked "While You Were Sleeping," "Without Love," "Pride & Prejudice," "It Happened One Night," "A Room with a View," "That Touch of Mink," "American Dreamer," "Sixteen Candles," "The Philadelphia Story," "Pretty Woman," "Hope Floats," "Can't Buy Me Love," and "Beauty and the Beast."

Geesh, Rachel. I knew we disagreed a lot, but reading how much we disagreed in print makes me laugh. Defend each of your picks that differ from mine in five words each.

Rachel: With relish:

"While You Were Sleeping": Joe Junior.
"Without Love": Hepburn and Tracy. Obviously.
"It Happened One Night": Clark Gable on a bus.
"A Room with a View": Italy, Beethoven, George Emerson.
"That Touch of Mink": Cary Grant, my secret boyfriend.

"American Dreamer": So funny! So charming!
"Sixteen Candles": Jake Ryan and "Yeah, you!"
"The Philadelphia Story": It's yar.
"Pretty Woman": Cinderella stories are irresistible.
"Hope Floats": Harry Connick Jr. in Wranglers.
"Can't Buy Me Love": Lawnmower, sunset, nerds win.
"Beauty and the Beast": Tale as old as time.

OK, your turn, your choices, five words.

Melinda: Great.

“You’ve Got Mail” Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Audrey Hepburn in black dress.

“Wedding Date” Love story set in England.
“Something’s Gotta Give” Surprising Keaton and Nicholson chemistry.
“Indiscreet” Grant wears suit AT BRUNCH.
“Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!” This movie makes me happy.
“Sleepless in Seattle” Hanks and Ryan, um, DUH!
“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” Awkward girl gets the guy.
“My Fair Lady” Wouldn’t it be love-a-lee? YES!

“Leap Year” Goode is a smokin’ Irish.
“Must Love Dogs” I heart John Cusack here.
“Sweet Home Alabama” Love this story with Reese.
“The Cutting Edge” Hockey player’s edges are refined.

We brought up Cary Grant multiple times. Let’s just address this now and wrap this blog thing up until next week.

Rachel, you tell the story. You are way more dramatic than me.

Rachel: Well, I don't know any other way to say it but this: MELINDA HAD NEVER SEEN CARY GRANT IN A MOVIE BEFORE WE BEGAN THIS PROJECT!!!!

I know it sounds like I'm tattling, but that all-caps merely reflects how my initial horror transformed to joy that she's since discovered him and fallen in love. I'll never forget the night: We were lolling on Melinda's couch, gobbling Red Baron pizza, when I handed Melinda the case for "Indiscreet."

She gave me the suspicious side-eye and, though I'd never seen it, I confidently assured her it would be wonderful. And it was! From our first glimpse of Mr. Grant in an impeccably tailored suit — a sight to which Melinda responded very favorably — she was smitten. Such panache! Such effortless cool!

I think he's her secret boyfriend now, too. Melinda, a few words about Cary Grant and we'll call it good until the Sweet Sixteen.

Melinda: I was a fool. I blame it on my 20s, where you don’t watch anything from before 1980 because it must be stupid and old.

If I could say anything about this project I’ll say this: Please watch Cary Grant movies. Don’t be scared by terms such as "black and white.” I mean, I had never seen “An Affair to Remember.” I’m ashamed of myself. My movie-watching life was changed. Thanks, Rachel.

On to the Sweet 16!



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