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Who’s Cutting the Cheese?

By {screen_name}
Monday, November 12, 2007

For some reason Alex decided he wanted to bring a lunch from home this year rather than take his chances with the school cafeteria food. It may have something to do with the fact that for the entire school year last year he ate pizza and french fries for lunch. Even he determined this was not the best course of nutritional action. Even though it’s far cheaper to have him buy lunch at school, I like packing him a lunch. I even get up ten minutes earlier to do it. In my quest to find something different I stumbled upon Kraft “Cracker Cuts” cheese. It cost about the same as regular cheese and I thought, OK, since I often pack cheese and crackers for him let’s give this a try. So I unzipped the package and was puzzled by what I saw. It was layers of cheese separated by a piece of paper. “What kind of crackers are 6 inches long?” I mused. “Rather odd.” Then I lifted a cheese layer out and realized that each layer was perforated into three separate squares of cheese. Each separated by a piece of paper. For some reason, this really irked me. I saw it as yet another symptom of how we have lost touch with . . . . something better. What kind of culture have we become that we can’t even cut our own cheese? And when some machine is cutting our cheese for us, are we also contributing to global warming by having the cheese-cutting machine insert a piece of paper between each layer?! It made me long for the good old days when we went to the market every morning and purchased cheese fresh from the dairy farmer, along with that day’s fruit and vegetables. OK - we never did that, but it made me want to do it. It made me want to bake bread (something I actually really did do), and grow my own bean sprouts (yep, really did that too), and actually touch the food I feed my child. You know, infuse it with love and homemade goodness. It made me sad that we’ve become so insanely convenience-oriented and everything has to be one big speed race to, what? The land of instant everything. So from now on, I’ll cut my own cheese. It may take an extra six seconds, but I’ll be better for it. 4 comments

My girl likes to party all the time

By Robin Dearing
Friday, November 9, 2007

It dawned on me earlier this week as I was RSVPing to a "princess" theme makeover party later this month that it’s finally happened. My kids have a more active social life than I do. This fall has been a whirlwind of school activities and weekend obligations, from soccer games to birthday parties. There are permission slips to sign, checks to write for milk money and yearbooks, field trips to chaperon and Halloween cupcakes to make lovingly from scratch (if you count Pillsbury white cake mix straight from the box.) Jamie%27s%20girl.jpg It seems that nearly every week this fall my 5-year-old has had an activity or party to attend. In the past week alone she attended her first sleepover (which was literally right next door or I would have never let her go), she was invited to a fall farm party, and she had an end of season soccer party at our local pizza parlor. Halloween also wore me out with both my girls having parties at daycare and school, trunk or treating with their cousins at a church in our hometown, and hitting the ‘hood on Halloween night for even more candy. Unfortunately mama is a stress eater and I scoured their treat bags for my favorite candy, Laffy Taffy and Reese's peanut butter cups. The funny thing is that my husband and I have made a point to not sign our girls up for too many activities. In fact, the only extracurricular activity we have going on now, and it’s ending this Saturday, is soccer. I’m sure this is good practice for the pre-teen and teen years. In the mean time, I’m going to continue to party vicariously through my kids, check and recheck my calendar to make sure I haven’t missed anything, and figure out a calorie free way to get rid of the 10 pounds of Halloween candy I have stashed in our utility room. Read more from Jamie on her blog, Blonde Mom Blog. Be sure to check out her blog the week of Thanksgiving as she's having a drawing for a Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One Printer! 3 comments

A budding author

By Robin Dearing
Thursday, November 8, 2007

Because Tuesday was a school holiday, Margaret went to day care. Being that it was her day off of school, she decided to write a story. Robins%20daughters%20story%20pg1.jpg Robins%20daughters%20story%20pg2.jpg Here is a transcript of the story, as best I can decipher:
Once upone a time ther was a prissus names Clrassera. She was soo budfull. And she livd in a budfull castil. And in that same castil ther lived a hasum priss named Hrald. And he livd on the fith flor. So the prissus whent from the 2nd flor to the fith. But when she got to the fith flor she conn't get out of the elovarter! Soo she hit the door but that dinit work so she scrmd and of coses that worked the prisns came runing to the elovater. He said he was soo sorry the elovater got stuck it does that a lot you whana come in? Shere said the prissusis. when the prissusis whent in she conit got out! And thar was no food to eat she scremd and sremd and sremd. Are you out of your mind someone is going to hear you said the prinss. That's because I whant someone to heer me. But then I cant eat you. You whant to eat me? sruepoo (yeah, I've got no idea what that means) said the pirss. But I don't tast good. Thats OK. But whet if you don't my meat. I lick any meat. Soo she brok down the door and ran away and she livd huggly ever after.
I can't decide if she's a genius or just disturbed. 6 comments


By {screen_name}
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This foot should serve as a warning. For all you proponents of getting out there in the fresh air and exercising - be careful! You could end up with what we all affectionately call Franken-foot. momsfoot.com.jpg Yes, this is an untouched photo of one side of my mom's foot. Lovely, eh? Yes, she knows I took it and I have her permission to post it. She's hoping she'll get presents because of it. And believe me, she deserves them So does my sister who is watching over her 24/7. The other side of the foot looks much better. But the right side is troublesome and the doc sent her to the wound care clinic so they could put some kind of dead-flesh eating bacteria on it to help speed up the healing. All I can say is eeeewwwww! Gross. Sorry mom. But I got you a present! 5 comments

I need a nanny

By Robin Dearing
Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Maybe I need two nannies; one for Margaret and one for Bill and I — but that's a whole different issue. Right now I'll just settle for one nanny for Mar. This past weekend, Bill and I traveled with my band over to Denver to play a show. We were gone for a total of 28 hours. We had planned on Margaret having a play date at our neighbor's house until early evening when our dear friend, Tracee, was to come over and spend the night and next day with Mar. Twenty minutes before we were to be leaving town we realized our neighbors — where Margaret was supposed to be having a play date — were not home. Panic mode set in, then I ordered Bill to start calling other neighbors who have kids Margaret's age. The gods of luck were with us, as one family was just heading out the door to do some fun kid stuff and we unceremoniously dumped our kid on them. I felt bad about the short notice kid dump, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When we stumbled home Sunday afternoon, our dear friend, Tracee, was waiting desperately to get the heck out of our house — not because Mar was unruly, but because she's highly allergic to pet dander, we've got three cats and a dog. Seeing Tracee all swollen up made me start thinking. Margaret loves Tracee and she had a good time with her, but the fact is that Tracee's married now and will, at some point, be starting her own family. We've been very lucky to have Tracee as a friend who has been willing to care for Margaret over these seven years. I decided that it's time to find a nanny that can help us out during the week, especially on Wednesdays when the school district has their early-release day (or as I like to call it "mess with the working parents" day) and on these rare weekends when both Bill and I go out of town. I'm not the kind of girl that needs "girls night out." When I want some adult time, I want to be with my husband. And normally going out of town includes Margaret. But a couple times a year, I get the opportunity to travel with the girls in my band and I really look forward to those times. We like to swear and talk about inappropriate things and make each other laugh. These times are made even better if my husband can come so he can carry my heavy guitar equipment and get me drinks. Plus he likes to swear and talk about inappropriate things and make people laugh, too. So it's always more fun with Bill. So I need a nanny. If you know of anyone looking to care for a smart, funny, toilet-trained but slightly wacky 7-year-old, please, tell them to contact me. Oh and Margaret doesn't bite (that much anymore). Seeing%20red%20%28mar%29.jpg 3 comments

To Work or Not To Work

By {screen_name}
Monday, November 5, 2007

I think that all teenagers should have some kind of job. There are numerous good reasons for this which you can probably figure out on your own. In the Grand Junction area economy today, there are plenty of jobs available that are perfectly suited for teenagers. Alex got himself a job this summer in the kitchen of a local high-end golf course restaurant. He really enjoyed it, and managed to bank some good money while also buying some new electronic gadgets and gizmos. He also bought himself an expensive high-quality kitchen knife to use because he wasn’t satisfied with the tools-of-the-trade they had there. In spite of some broken promises regarding wage increases on the part of management there (and shame on them), he continues to work there every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday for upwards of 8 hours each day. This means he never gets a day off, since he is obviously going to school Monday through Friday. This also means that I rarely get to see him, or spend any mother-son quality bonding time with him. Yeah, you know, those Hallmark moments where I bring him his clean, folded laundry and he tells me how much he loves me and appreciates everything I do for him. And then we talk about school and his friends, and how wrong it is that the latest MTV videos just contain gratuitous booty-shaking, and agree to go see a movie together later that evening. Uh, huh. But really, I think he is working too many hours. He doesn’t really seem to mind it. He likes getting the paycheck. I like him getting the paycheck. But I worry that he’s burning the candle at both ends. His grades were not totally stellar this last quarter, but I chalk that up to too much time with the electronic gadgets and not enough time with the books. So, do I encourage him to take some time off and just chill or should I just chill and not worry about it? 2 comments

When It Rains . . .

By {screen_name}
Friday, November 2, 2007

Seems like bad luck comes in waves at times. Or maybe the rest of life is just so good that the bad stuff sticks out like a sore thumb. Or in my mom’s case, a sore ankle. Not just sore, but broken in two places and hinged together with some mighty hunks of steel. I was on vacation last week in Mexico with Dan who has connections there. Yeah, not those connections, but a guy who knows a guy who gives him a free week in the penthouse of Hotel Playa Mazatlan. Trust me, it couldn’t be more legitimate. Anyway, I have no clue about how to pick up or make calls from a foreign country from my cell phone, but I kept getting voice mail messages that I couldn’t retrieve. I finally figured out how to call Alex who said Grandma fell and broke her ankle and was having surgery. That was all I could get from the King of Details so I called my sister. Long story short, they were hiking in McInnis Canyon somewhere last Friday when mom fell and snapped her ankle. She was in the hospital waiting to have surgery the following day. Fast forward to yesterday when she came home from the hospital. Actually she came back to my sister’s house where she will be imprisoned, I mean staying, for some unknown amount of time until she regains some mobility, of which right now she has absolutely none. Wow. I’m not sure who I’m more worried about. But since the accident happened on my sister’s watch, it seems only fair . . . . So I went over there last night and got the true story of what happened. Seems there was a group of my sister’s friends and their assorted dogs who were merrily hiking through some ravine and climbed back up onto a ledge. When my mom climbed back up, her one foot slipped and she caught a toe between two rocks. Her body fell about four feet, and her ankle quite logically snapped under the pressure. Good lord, the poor woman. She showed me a picture of the x-ray taken after the surgery and her ankle looks like it came from Aisle 13 at Ace Hardware. I'm thinking it will probably put a serious crimp on her rock climbing adventures for a while. She is completely at the mercy of my sister now, and her other two daughters, oh and our dad of course. Yeah, more to come on all this. So any suggestions on how to keep everybody happy during the recuperation period would be extremely appreciated! 2 comments

More Halloween pictures

By Robin Dearing
Friday, November 2, 2007

Terry, one of our co-workers here at the Sentinel, shared pictures of her boys doing their best to scare the bejeezus out of all those princesses and fairies this Halloween: Here's Dale: Dale%20Wolf.jpg And David: David%20scream.jpg 1 comments

Halloween: The day after

By Robin Dearing
Thursday, November 1, 2007

A while back, I read on Alpha Mom's Buzz Off that her family had been Boo'd. Getting Boo'd is a fun and simple and fun way to be neighborly. One person starts with two Boo signs and two goodie bags filled with candy or whatever which they surreptitiously leave on two neighbors' doorstep. They include directions to hang the Boo sign in their window and then Boo two more neighbors. I wanted to start this in my neighborhood, but I've been just too busy to make it happen. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got home from work yesterday and Bill said, "We've been Boo'd!" Being that last night was the end of the Boo Season, we hurriedly made two Boo gifts and quickly Boo'd two neighbors. Needless to say, I was delighted to be part of this fun tradition. Even though I didn't get around to making myself a costume, I really got into the Halloween spirit this year — even so much that I volunteered to go to Margaret's class and lead a craft project. With the help of my dear friend and talented artist/art teacher, Tracee, I came up with the plan to make hand bats. Hallow%2007%20bat%202.jpg Margaret has a relatively small class, at 18 students so I figured I could handle the task of getting these simple, but cute, bats made without anyone losing an eye. And I was right. The kids all eagerly worked on their bats, asked for help politely and had fun. It was so wonderful to see a classroom of students who were all hopped up on sugar and excitement behave and listen and participate. I give all the credit to her teacher who is as dedicated and enthusiastic as they come. She's a real treasure. Several other parents brought cupcakes and veggie snacks to the party and I contributed my home-made peanut butter and chocolate-chip cookies. And all the kids seemed to have a really good time and I left feeling very good about it all. After Margaret donned her second costume of this Halloween season, she and Bill headed over to a neighbor's house who hosted a chili dinner for the neighborhood kids, so they could eat then trick or treat together. Hallow%2007%20mar%20jumping.jpg I elected to stay home, give out candy and bake brownies for yet another school activity tonight (yes, I am turning into quite the June Cleaver). And it was fun seeing all the ghouls, skeletons, princesses and lions in our neighborhood. I had so many trick or treaters that just after Mar and Bill stumbled home, I had to blow out the candle on the pumpkin and turn out the porch light as I was out of candy. Hallow%2007%20Mar%2C%20pumpkin%202.jpg Oh and I'll still be posting Halloween costume pictures as I get them. (E-mail me here.) Here's Astronaut Jack, son of regular Haute Mama reader, Marlys: Astro%20Jack.JPG 2 comments

Happy Eating Candy Day!

By Robin Dearing
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo! It's Halloween and with this day of eating o' the candy, comes adorable ghosts and goblins looking for free sweets. We, Haute Mamas, love to show off our kiddos and yours, too. So e-mail me pictures of your little monsters and I'll post 'em right here! Richie's adorable guys will get us started. Keep checking back as I'll be posting pictures as I get them. Pea%20in%20a%20pumpkin%20patch.jpg Soren%20Bam%20Bam.jpg Below is Benji's niece, Emma Drew: Emma%20Drew.jpg Here's Ava Mae Martinez: Ava.jpg 2 comments
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