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1st Annual Haute Mamas Halloween Costume Contest

By Robin Dearing
Here they are — the entrants for the 1st Annual Haute Mamas Costume Contest. Edited to add an entry that was mistakenly omitted by me and my careless fingers. 8. Shase as a frog Shase Frog.JPG 1. Ava as a skunk Ava  Ruble -Skunk.jpg 2. Carson as Spiderman Carson Mestas Spiderman copy.jpg 3. Carter as a truck Carter Truck copy.jpg 4. Colbin as a lion Colbin Lion.JPG 5. Hannah as Little Red Riding Hood Hannah Moore - Red Ridingho.jpg 6. Jack as a chicken Jack Chicken.JPG 7. Kate as a cat Kate Cat copy.jpg Please take a moment to vote for your favorite two costumes by leaving a comment below or e-mailing me at Robin Dearing.