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A Baby’s Touch

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
In light of Lynn's entry yesterday, I almost changed what I had in mind to blog about today. But I realized that she and I are at exact opposite ends of the parenting spectrum which is interesting. Soren is definately in a clingy stage but not necessarily for his mom. Any set of warm hands to hold him will do. He crawls across the floor and butts the top of his head into my legs while desperately trying to grab any hand hold so he can pull himself up. Usually my pants just end up down around my hips from his constant pulling. He's underfoot no matter what room of the house I am in. He follows me back and forth across the living room floor until he throws his head down in frustration and lets out an ear piercing holler for attention. I'm learning to hold him on one hip while I wipe down the counter with the other hand. I can't get anything done! The house is messy, the chores are undone and it just has to stay that way until he goes to bed. He does not want to be alone. When in my arms, he's constantly hitting me, pulling my hair, yanking my necklace, sticking his fingers in my eyes, and trying to pry open my mouth. Yesterday he bit me! If I try to put him down for any reason what-so-ever he claws at my body on the way down and erupts into over dramatic cries of neglect with big tears and a pouty lower lip. Cuddling is one thing but using mom as a human punching bag is another. I'm sure I'll miss his needyness when he's as old as Alex, but I won't miss his days of biting. If you find yourself missing those days Lynn...just ask Alex to pull your hair then you'll remember how it really was to have a baby boy!