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A day at Powderhorn

By Robin Dearing
Sunday was Margaret's second day spent with the Powdercats ski group at Powderhorn. Mar skiing.jpg Powdercats is a great program that works with kids ages 4 to 8 on the fundamentals of skiing. And she is definitely getting the basics down pat. Click here to see a short video of Margaret skiing with her dad and with the Powdercats. We had a minor set back yesterday as her ever-fussy stomach started to cause her fits. She took a break from Powdercats but we were able to convince her to take another run with her dad and our friends down the bunny slope. Eric, Elissa.jpg Margaret agreed but only because she loves our friends, Eric and Elissa, so much. They are the nicest pair of kids we've met in a long time and Margaret would do anything to get to hang out with them. So much so that she even agreed to go to the top of the mountain and ski down a blue (intermediate) run with them. I was nervous but I didn't have to be. After a short run down a steep part of the run, Margaret gathered all her skills and traversed the blue run with gusto. Just another reason why we love living in western Colorado.