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A is for Alba

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So I get a letter in the mail last week telling me that my son will be receiving an academic recognition award. Wow, pretty cool. I ask Alex about it and he has no idea what it’s for. I call the office and they tell me it’s because he has earned a 3.5 or better GPA and he’ll be getting an academic letter. A great big fuzzy “P” I tell him. So I ask, “Do you want to go the awards ceremony or lacrosse practice?” He decides lacrosse practice. Then yesterday afternoon he tells me. “Mom, I’m getting an academic letter.” Uh, yeah. “Maybe I should go to the ceremony. I can go to lacrosse for the first part and leave early. But I’ll be sweaty.” “So will I, since I’m getting in a bike ride first too.” I pick him up and he strips off his practice jersey, does a quick parking lot shower with his water bottle, puts on a clean shirt and asks, “Do I smell?” Like I’m gonna sniff him! We get to the school parking lot and I tell him, “OK, my turn to change my shirt.” “What? Here? With me in the car?” He’s panicked. “Just don’t look. I’ll be quick.” I park way in the back of the lot where nobody else is around, and proceed to change out of my sports bra and damp t-shirt into dry clothes. Now, girls can do this without exposing any body parts other than an elbow. Alex doesn’t realize this and is freaking out. “Ohmigod. This is so wrong. On so many levels. Ohmigod. If you were Jessica Alba, this would be really cool. But you’re not.” See, the kid deserves an academic brilliance award! At any rate, he recovers from the trauma and we proceed to the auditorium. He found some of his buddies to sit with and the ceremony begins. He begrudgingly allowed me to take a few pictures of him, only after I told him they were for his Mema, who is paying him for A’s and B’s. Yes, Mema, we’re on to you, but it’s totally cool! Alexonstage.jpg Alex on stage getting his letter Alex’s dad and I are both quite proud of him. I also told Alex I look forward to the day three years from now when his name is listed as the recipient of every scholarship they doled out last night! Alexandjohnletters.jpg Alex (with lacrosse-helmet hair) and his friend John Congratulations to my kid and all the kids graduating this upcoming week!