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A note home

By Robin Dearing
A couple weeks into the school year, Margaret brought home a note from school. It was written on that little-kid paper with the giant lines that include a dotted one down the middle that kids use to practice writing. The first line was in the unmistakable first-grade handwriting and it said something like, "I was playing with Jada." The next few lines were written in pen, by an adult ... more specifically, her teacher. Uh-oh. Those few sentences said basically that Margaret was horsing around instead of paying attention and could we please talk to her about behaving herself. We did — thoroughly. And I suggested that she make sure she not bring anymore notes home from school like that one. Just to be clear (in case, she stopped bringing home any notes from school), I said that I only wanted good notes. Well, bless her little first-grade heart because last week she brought home this note: note home.jpg "I am having a grate day!" it reads. She really knows how to make her mom have a "grate" day.