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Art 101

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
When it comes to art my mom kept all the talent to herself. Click her page to see what I'm talking about. The thing is I really can't draw, haven't ever had the interest in learning, nor the patience for something that might take days or months or even years to complete. I like things to be done already so I can just hang it on the wall and feel satisfied. But every once in awhile the need to express myself arises. Maybe my kids will be lucky enough to take after their grandma and their dad when it comes to art. I dug out the watercolors and introduced Soren to Art 101. He had a great time but couldn't figure out how to actually apply paint with an oversized brush. He opted for the finger painting method which worked out really well for us. He licked his fingers while I opted to sip iced tea. Together we created this masterpiece: painting.jpg This is the coolest painting I've ever done and I have to give Soren most the credit for his avante garde style. Seriously, I'm totally in love with it and plan on framing it soon. In the meantime, it is hanging in our bathroom. Soren just didn't get that the fridge was the place for good art and it had to be moved before it was destroyed. I was so inspired that a few days later I dug out the watercolors again and made this growth chart: growthchart.jpg Turns out my rudimentary skills are great for decorating my kid's room. Who would've known?