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Attention Apple product users: Want a free Hard Candy Case? Of course, you do

By Robin Dearing

Earlier this year we were able to get a free iPhone 4 through our wireless provider for Margaret. Soon after, we went on Amazon.com and bought several cheap cases. I warned her that the .69 cent, brittle plastic case wasn't going to protect her phone. But she assued me she wouldn't be dropping her phone and having it match her outfit was more important.

Needless to say, I bought a Square Trade warranty. And it's a good thing I did.

Take a look at Margaret's iPhone:


She dropped it and the glass shattered. The very next day — no joke — I got an email from the fine folks at Hard Candy Cases and Covers asking if I wanted to review cases for Apple products. I said yes, please, very much, I would like to try out their super durable and yet still cute cases. 

While Square Trade is fixing the screen on her phone, they sent a replacement for her to use. I asked her if she would try the Hard Candy Bubble Case that Hard Candy had sent me for me to review. You would have thought I asked her to saw her texting thumb off. Sheesh, who knew having the right cell phone case was so important to a 13-year-old? I implored her to at least look at the case and just put it on long enough for me to take a picture. She sighed and I showed her the case.

Here's the case:

Wait, what? That's only the box? Oh yeah.

As soon as she saw the BubbleCase, she ripped it out of the box and it's been on her phone ever since (she has the phone with her — of course — at Camp Cedaredge today and tomorrow or I'd take a picture). Not only is the case cute enough for a 13-year-old to want to use, but it provides that much-needed protection for those inevitable drops ... even for a teen who "never" drops her phone. 

Being the awesome company that they are, Hard Rock Cases also sent me some stuff to give away for free to you because both Haute Mamas and Hard Rock Candy are cool like that.

Here's what I have to give away to you for free:

 iPhone 5 case


AND this 13" MacBookPro case (if I could shrink down my 15" MacBook Pro, that case would be on my computer and I'd be telling you guys how awesome it is):

No gimmicks, no tricks, just leave me a comment telling me which one you want and we will draw a winner on Friday.

Free Apple products from Hard Candy Cases that's how GJ Haute Mamas do.


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I think that MacBook Pro case will look super styling on my 13-inch machine!

It’s so cute and durable!

Hmmm…  Can’t remember if my daughter’s MacBookPro is 15-inch or 13-inch…  ::sigh::

Oo! I phone 5 case!:)

Oooh I would need a iPhone 5 hard candy case.  Apple products rock!!  Senseless to not have a protective case on these phones.  They are so expensive to replace and or repair.  Pick me pick me!!!

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How did you get that case so broken? From what can be read on the internet, due to the very sensitive technological components, Apple has tried to create ultra durable cases for their products. This seems very important since you can use your phone even as a HID card or to control your car. So, again, the question arises: how did you do it?

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If it’s Apple and it’s free, it’s the best thing that could happen to someone! All the technology behind these products is state of the art and unbelievably resistant. No matter how many hits will take, a Apple notebook will always deliver perfect performance and top speed if connected to a fiber optic networking system. It’s something no other IT producer has achieved yet!

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Also talking about kids breaking stuff, their abilities of ruining almost everything in sight is close to magical. Nothing seems to last untouched, no matter how out of reach or how protected it is. One can buy, for example, cool bedroom furniture for kids and in almost no time the whole thing will be wrecked to various degrees. Having pets around the house also adds a huge bonus to this.

One thing that comes to mind when talking about phones is accessories. Nothing is more fierce and relentless than a girl looking for really cute charms for her phone. No stone remains unturned, no place untouched, no charm escapes from almost scientific scrutiny. Quite a sight to behold.

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The fact that today’s electronic gadgets seem to be decreasing in size makes them easy to drop or lose. It is a good thing that producers came up with all sorts of holding accessories that help control this issue. Nowadays the safety of your electronics is guaranteed. Inside or outside, in the mall or when riding a Blockbuster Golf Carts to the next hole, consumers no longer have to worry about their things and instead focus on enjoying the experience. This is good news especially for the parents.

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This is a great gift! Thank you!

Getting the right case for your gadget is extremely important, that’s why it’s great that you can research and then order it online. Choosing the courier to bring it to you is just as important though, if you choose wrong you might end up with a damaged product. The courier service in Santa Monica is a great choice, so you should definitely give it a try the next time you order someting online.

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