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Bearly Made It

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
“I’m the worst mom ever,? I declared as I emptied the diaper bag and my overnight bag to no avail. I lost a little white bear. This is the bear that Soren got the day he was born. I cuddled it when I received my epidural and the bear lay next to me on the bed during delivery. He likes this bear. It•s soft and big enough to get his fists around but small enough to fit into his mouth. He laughs when this bear “kisses? him. No other toys can hold his interest as well and so I•ve determined it to be his favorite toy. The thing with favorite toys is they are more vulnerable to getting lost or damaged because they have to go everywhere the kid goes. Soren, my dad, and this bear were my guests on an early Father’s Day trip to Denver to see the Rockies play the Marlins. The bear rode shotgun in the car seat. He crossed the street from the Sheraton Denver West to Jose O’Shea’s where we enjoyed a great meal at breakneck speed. He lived through a speedy cab ride downtown and stayed with the group as we navigated Coors Field. He watched the Rockies get shamefully beat by the Marlins; 13-0. They had 8 hits most of which were foul. Once a guy got on base because he was hit by a pitch and he walked. If the bear could have joined in the booing that the hometown fans gave the team in the ninth inning, he would have. After playing with the baby, he bedded down in a luxurious queen sized bed topped with crisp white sheets where he blended in perfectly. A man got left behind and I feel terrible for it. It’s almost as bad as being sent to the burn pile. Or to the land of misfit toys. So I called the hotel and reported my sadness to the lost and found. The customer service rep said that people call ALL the time trying to reclaim lost toys. Seems it’s a common traveling mistake made by parents and the most common of items the hotel returns. I felt better. The hotel happily dropped the little bear in the mail. He may have taken a detour, but he should be in the baby's mouth soon. I have to give a huge cudos to this hotel. They made our stay really nice and the return of the bear put them into the outstanding customer service category for me.