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Born to be a mama

By Robin Dearing
After Margaret was born I sat around nursing her non-stop for months. I wore elastic waisted skirts and Bill's t-shirts. Every now an then, I'd try on my pre-pregnancy jeans ... I guess I should say that I'd try one leg of my pre-pregnancy jeans on, because I couldn't get them up over my ginormous thunder tights. All those gallons of rocky-road ice cream that I ate during my first trimester really came back to haunt me. Even after I miraculously lost all my pregnancy weight, I still couldn't get into my pre-pregnancy jeans. My body changed. I can't even complain that it changed for the worse, because it wasn't very good to start with. I love being a mom and having a squishier body is just one of those things that I wear as a mama badge of honor. But there are women who are born to give birth gracefully. Richie is one of those women. She stopped in the office recently with both her boys in tow ... wearing jeans ... two months after having Jonas. It's a good think I love her so much, because otherwise, I'd probably hate her. She looks great and the boys are as cute and sweet as can be: Richie%20and%20boys2.jpg Soren.jpg Richie%20and%20Soren.jpg