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Breast vs. Bottle

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
The breast vs. the bottle is the great debate among generations of mothers. images.jpg (Warning: I’m going to use the word breast a lot so if you find it offensive stop reading for Pete’s sake) I personally am breastfeeding, but I must admit that I don’t always find the joy that other mom’s rave about. I just know that it is better for my son because it is the natural thing to do and the milk itself is superior to any manufactured product. It just seems to be an obvious fact. In my head, I think of formula the same way I think about bologna; processed food is just bad for us. Breastfeeding itself is a lot of work, not to mention time-consuming. My family’s schedule revolves entirely around my breasts, which is probably the reason I don’t find it completely enjoyable. While I’m sitting, there is laundry building up, dinner not being fixed, petunias withering in the sun….I’m a “get er done? kind of person so sitting is just torturous to me. It got harder once I returned to work. When I leave I have to take a bottle, my pump, and a backup supply of frozen milk in case of emergency. I used to eat at lunch, now I feed. After feeding, I pump so babycakes can have an afternoon snack. I can•t work late or deviate from this schedule in the slightest as my chest will hurt. And, deviating from the schedule will lessen my milk supply. As soon as I get home, I must feed him. And, it places the sole responsibility for his nutrition on me. His dad can’t really do much to ease the pressure I feel of being the udder (ha ha) food giver because once again,—a missed feeding effects the milk supply. I understand why some women give up and choose formula and that’s okay with me. I am in no way a militant breastfeeder. (They are out there though, just google “breastfeeding pictures? and see the results. Some take the issue to a whole new creepy level•&WOW!) The best part about breastfeeding is just being needed I think. My son is comforted and loved by my breasts. I’ve been forced to slow down, ease up on expectations I place on myself, and just enjoy large blocks of private time with Soren. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment to your child. One I’ve taken on happily for the most part, but loathe for its inconvenience at times. Everyone’s experience is different and I’d be happy to compare notes if others would share their stories here as well.