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Bruce Spruce

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Before I had Soren, I used to say that my baby would never cramp my style. I’d just throw him in a back pack and keep on camping and hiking. My friends who were already mothers would raise their eyebrows in the “you’ll see? style. Well, it took six months but we finally took Soren camping. I didn•t exactly stuff him in my bookbag the way I had once imagined…but he was introduced to roughing it in a favorite secret spot in San Juans over the weekend. Aside from the car ride, he loved it. He was super excited when we arrived watching his dad put up the tent. He was introduced to all sorts of new and interesting things we own like laterns and flashlights. Sleeping on a thin little mattress wasn’t really his style and took some getting used to. He arched his back in protest throughout the night. We used our bodies as bumper pads and each of us took a few kicks to the ribs. In the morning, the chatter of a squirrel woke him up. He lay real still and listened to the foreign noise with wide eyes. We hiked and relaxed by the fire. Just giving him an aspen branch would entertain him for hours. I was so pleased to see us getting back to doing what we love to do. Having grown up in Colorado, I can’t imagine my life without weekend getaways to the mountains. They are reason we call this state home and I hope that Soren grows to love it as much as we do.