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By Robin Dearing
My parents are here for a visit and to watch Margaret for us while Bill and I travel to Austin this weekend. Monday I took the day off work so we could make the gorgeous drive through Gateway Canyon and to John Hendricks' car museum. Anyone who's made that drive knows its splendor. It is so beautiful. I love that drive. It so characterizes the Western Colorado landscape with its diversity and utter beauty. Then there's Hendricks' Gateway Canyons. I have mixed emotions about the development out there. I feel for the people who have lived their lives peacefully among the statuesque spires. But I also love having another reason to go out there to visit ... and believe me, the car museum is a great reason to make the drive. My dad has always loved cars and I developed a love of cars, too. The history of the automobile is a history of innovation and speed and glamour ... and I could go on and on. The collection that John Hendricks gathered is exceptional, with the $3.24 million Olds concept car being the cherry on an already delicious cake. Each car in the museum is special and the way that they are displayed is wonderful. It's a great place for an afternoon getaway. green.jpg orange.jpg red.jpg