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Chalkboard Wall

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

I spent a long time resisting the idea of chalkboard paint.

I've spend four years telling my boys not to draw on the walls. I thought chalkboard paint would only increase this very detestable child behavior. So, I always, always rolled my eyes at the idea.

But then I sort of started coming around. Marek is four now and old enough to make a distinction between one wall of the house and another. He's been using the walls less and less for his artwork. But, his artistic desire is strong. Crafts and drawing are his very favorite past times.

And, I got to thinking that drawing on walls could be fun. Maybe the boys would keep their scribbles to just one wall, that erases .... we happened to have a spare wall in Marek's room.

And then, an idea popped into my head that sealed the deal. A chalkboard wall could be used to make homework fun. HOMEWORK! I'm a practical gal and the idea of combining home decor with learning, well, the chalkboard wall had to be.

I covered what once was Spiderman's web with thick black chalkboard paint last weekend.


The chalkboard wall is AWESOME! Soren happily writes his spelling words. Every kid who comes into the house finds it a novelty so the kids hang out in Marek's room, away from the grown-ups. And, as you can see from the picture, drawing on the wall IS fun, no matter how old you are.

Don't listen to the old me. Buy yourself some chalkboard paint. Like Martha says, "It's a Good Thing."


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Good times! I wish chalkboard paint had been around when I was growing up…

And it looks good, too! Does it erase pretty easily?

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