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Check Me Out!

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Mama Drama gave me a virtual make-over today!!! I have long red hair and I love it! I was hoping to be a beautiful blonde like this one but oh well.... Contestants have to guess three bloggers and the winners will have their blog featured on Mama Drama. Trust me, you want this because they have tons of viewers and commenters daily. These ladies are often raw, edgy and always funny. Once they posted a pic of testicles hanging from the ceiling! The Houston Chronicle must be very very relaxed although they do refer to their boss as Dwight from The Office. me.jpg I don't think that my boss would truly appreciate a good testicle picture. It makes me uncomfortable just to use those two words in the same sentence! Eeek-Hi Denny! Go ahead and drop by...you can reveal my secret identity here.