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Chico de Gallo

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You know, sometimes our kids take on surprisingly different personalities when they’re not around their oppressive parents. For instance, when your kid spends the night with a friend and the friend’s mom (or dad) reports on what a thoughtful, respectful, helpful child you have. The same kid who can’t put his dirty clothes in the hamper that sits two feet away from the pile on his bedroom floor is the kid who apparently clears the table, loads the dishwasher and does the dishes at someone else’s house. The good news is that you have raised a kid who at least knows the importance of those things and will do them eventually, just not at home. Kids are definitely full of surprises and take on different personalities when you least expect it. Just check out this video link below from the downtown Farmer’s Market last Thursday. My son was hired by the RedBird chicken company to don a chicken suit and hand out chicken recipes at a contest The Daily Sentinel sponsored. But the Chico de Gallo did a spontaneous little funky chicken boogie at the end of the video. Where did that come from? http://www.gjsentinel.com/news/mplayer/m/5023