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CoSleep No Sleep

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
The other day my niece said she feels like a mother dog with ten pups who finally has to get up and just let the puppies fall where they may. She couldn’t have put it better in my opinion. The mother dog always has this expression of “Kill Me Now!? on her tired canine face as she steps not so gingerly over her mewing offspring. At baby•s bedtime, I breathe a sigh of relief as I gently place him in his crib. I know that I have a least a couple of hours to myself. He won’t be kicking, poking, or suckling on me. I like that Soren can sleep in his own bed. Just for the reason that I get a little bit of time off from being the mother dog. My hubby on the other hand loves to cuddle the baby while he sleeps. He likes to have his whole family in the nest within arms reach. I love to cuddle our baby too. But Soren treats me like an all night smorgasboard on the Vegas Strip when he cosleeps. I sleep with my arm at an unnatural angle and always on my side. My heightened mothering sense keeps me from flipping unconsciously in my sleep for fear of throwing an elbow and cracking the baby’s skull. I hate that there is a baby barrier between my husband and I because to be perfectly honest, sometimes I need a little cuddling too. When he sleeps in our bed I wake up feeling terribly unrested and literally drained. Cosleeping is a another of the many parenting styles hotly debated. Some say it’s better for the child’s emotional well-being and others say it depresses a child’s sense of independence. In my family, we have to strike a happy medium because I just want to sleep.