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Curbside Shopping via the Internet

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Grand Junction has a public works program called Spring Clean-Up. Every year residents are invited to throw their junk in the curb and a payloader will come pick it up for free. Grand Junctionites love it for a number of reasons. First, if you have junk like old carpet or tree limbs it will save a trip to the dump. Secondly, it's like a giant free yard sale the whole town participates in. Throw out anything...I'm serious...anything...and in a few hours a truck loaded down with old windows and broken dishwashers will come around and pick it up. I wonder how much of it really gets to the dump and how much is just moved from garage to garage year after year. This year we threw out a perfectly good rocking chair that needed a cushion. Gone. Last year I threw out an old bike without handle bars...Gone. Once the Sentinel ran an article in which they decorated a whole room in Shabby Chic style just with junk they found on the curb. I swear it's true! As you drive through the streets you just can't help yourself and you have to look. Looking at other people's junk is fun. We sort of have this rule that if you dig something up it better be good and practical and work. This year I dug a little kid plastic wheelbarrow that was totally new complete with sand shovels and a plastic snake out of my neighbor's trash. The neighbor informed me that his exgirlfriend left that for him in the break-up. Guess he's moving on. Good for my sandbox. Yesterday I found this picture on the Internet: Robin%27s%20garbage.jpg This is a picture of Robin's junk pile that she posted on her other blog. Seems her hubby and her each pick a piece of discarded refuse, add it to the top of the pile, then compete to see who's junk will get snatched first. You see that booster seat? I IM Robin and say "Dude...what are you doing throwing out that booster seat when you know that I need toddler stuff?" (See this baby in me is the fifth baby born to the Ashcraft family in a little over two years. Five toddlers...who all need stuff! Geez what is she thinkin?) "Oh, I'll dig it out for you tonight if it's still there," she said. And it was. How cool is dumpster diving your friend's trash pile from the comfort of your work computer? The Internet is useful in so so many ways. Check out Robin's other website...you never know what you might find!