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By Richie Ann Ashcraft
CUT Several times over the last month or so strangers have referred to my son as "she." He by no means looks like a she nor does he dress like one but regardless it occurred more than once. It was the hair. beforeblog.jpg I just couldn't bring myself to cut one single precious hair on his head. He has hit so many milestones this year, few of which I actually had control over, except this one. So I postponed it wanting to keep him in this pristine baby state just a little longer. I loved to bury my nose in his fine blond hair and smell the top of his head. I loved to stroke it and tuck it behind his ear before he went to bed. I loved to wet it down and comb it into the perfect Donald Trump 'do complete with a side part. And it always made me laugh when the hair at his crown stuck up in a classic Dennis the Menace rebellion a few minutes later. But I had to suck it up and let it go. At first he didn't seem to mind. okayblog.jpg And then he did. Oh My God...he so did!!! notwellblog.jpg But what can you do? Stop? So, his torture had to continue and so did mine as lock after lock of his beautiful baby hair fell. I collected them all into a little white box of sentimentality. And sure enough...that sealed it...he's not a baby....he's a little boy. And nobody calls him "she" anymore. They say "Oh, what a beautiful boy you have." Of course, I couldn't agree more but I think I'm always going to miss my baby. done.jpg -N-THINGS I recieved this piece of anonymous mail yesterday. It was addressed to the Daily Sentinel from a Mom in Grand Junction. We don't publish unsolicited anonymous poems in our print product...but I post it here in honor of Mother's Day. I think the anonymous Mom would love to share it with all of you. Have a Great Weekend! momsblog.jpg