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By Richie Ann Ashcraft
(This next entry by special request going out to TfP!) It’s amazing what comes out of my mouth sometimes. Especially since I’ve had my lil’ booger. Tammy is a the nearest co-worker in proximity to my desk. She’s great…hard worker….tight lipped….the whole honker…And she totally nose stuff! About 100 times a day I call out “Hey Tammy….? And it is usually followed by some asinine question like •are you havin’ boog’rs for dinner?? I•m sure some days she wishes she could kick the snot out of me but sometimes I get a giggle out of her. The other day I said loudly “Shoot, (yeah I use clean words like shoot now that I’m a mom) I broke my booker pickin nail!? It cracked her up (finally!). Of course she knew I used that particular nail to pick my kid•s boogers more than my own for the most part. Breaking that nail really blows as it fit right up his mini nostril. Tammy also likes a good pun and maybe someday I’ll make her laugh so hard she snorts. I hope she doesn’t think I’m too much of a snot.