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Diaper Cakes

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
I’m the diaper cake queen! Look what I whipped up for a baby shower I’ll be attending tomorrow. CAKEBLOG.jpg I stumbled across the cake “recipe? while planning a baby shower last year. It•s the trendy baby shower thing lately. Making one couldn’t be easier. Here’s my recipe: Big Bag of #1 Diapers Bendable Ribbon Silk Flowers Misc. Toys Baby Bottle Cake stand Basically, you roll the diapers into little logs and tie them with string. You make two layers, tie each with a pretty ribbon. Add some flowers and toys and ta-da…a diaper cake. I’ve been to three baby showers this month! I don’t care what they say about the national trend…there is a baby boom on! And obviously a lot of love in the Ashcraft family as there are four consecutive babies each nine months apart from different couples. The third one is due any day now and the fourth is just getting started (no, it’s not mine). My husband comes from a BIG family and the babies seem to come in waves. I think it’s cool because at family gatherings everyone has someone of their peer group to hang out with. I just couldn’t be happier in knowing that my son will have cousins that he can become best friends with.