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Dining on the road

By Robin Dearing

In a few days, Bill, Margaret and I will be driving cross country to visit family in Buffalo. We will be there for a couple of weeks and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone ahead of time. Just so everyone knows, feeding us has become ... er ... quite difficult. Let me explain:

Of the three of us, Bill is the easiest. He's diabetic which means that he needs to eat a healthy, balanced diet, low on carbs. He will eat most anything, so he's easy.

As for Margaret, she's a vegetarian. Pretty self explanatory, but still, she eats no meat. That means no hot dogs, hamburgers, wings or pepperoni pizza ... and don't even suggest she can pick the meat off. Luckily for us, Mar likes a lot of things including salads and pasta dishes which are easy enough to get without meat.

Then there's me. Really the list of things I can eat is much shorter than the things I can't. Being on steriods for the last year has completely ruined my stomach and associated internal organs. Before I could and would eat almost anything, now I have to be so careful about everything.

First, I can't drink anything that is carbonated. I've tested this a couple of times and the result is always the same. Carbonation acts like acid in my gut. No soda which is OK, but I can't have beer either. That's really hard. I like beer ... a lot. Now I just sniff Bill's and call it good. 

I can't eat most processed foods. No bread, no pasta, no crackers, no cake, no pie crust, no nothing yummy. I can have some corn products like corn tortillas. I'm also pretty good with rice and rice noodles. To make is worse, I can't do heavy doses of dairy. No milk or ice cream. I can eat cheese in moderaton.

Mostly what I eat is vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. OK, I have been known to drown my sorrows in M&Ms, too.

While at home, we've found many recipes that all of us enjoy. When we eat out, we have figured out the local restaurants that have options for all of us.

Dealing with all of our food issues while we are traveling is going to be quite a challenge. Honestly, what I fear most is being difficult house guests. 


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Well, when you get there maybe you can just find the grocery store and stock up on things that will work for all of you and explain to your hosts that you don’t want them to have to worry about what you can/can’t eat…I mean, that might be complicated too, but at least then everything is just clear from the beginning. And hey, at least now there are smartphones so you can check out the menus of restaurants as you’re traveling instead of getting to one, looking at the menu and then saying, “Nope.  Won’t work…” Good luck Robin! I’m sure it’ll all work out :)

Yeah, just pack your cooler. That way you can sneak out to the car when you get hungry. :) NO CAKE!!! NO DRUNKEN PIE!!! The ‘hell. That sucks. I’m sorry.

That’s what we’re going to have to do. We are fine with hauling our own food. Mar and I are getting pretty good at finding things on menus that will work for us. Usually I get a salad and Mar gets the veggie pasta.

Yeah, no cake sucks, but every now and then I can have flourless or gluten free cake, so that’s something.

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