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“Eye Yeye Eye”

By Robin Dearing
Note: We had a little technical difficulty, so I'm posting Richie's entry for today. 5:32 a.m.: Babycakes is crying in his crib and I stumble in to retrieve him. “Eye … Eye” he says. We lay down. “Eye Eye” as he pokes my face. “Yes, that’s mamma’s eye honey.” “Eye Eye Eye Eye” “Shhhh son, go back to sleep.” 7:15 a.m.: Breakfast “Eye Eye … Ooo Ooo” “There’s no dog in here.” ("Ooohh oohh" means "dog" because we have a neighbor dog that howls All DAY LONG. He thinks dogs say, "Ooohh ooohh." I’m lucky he doesn’t think it’s called a “Shut the hell up!) Noonish: Walking around the house. “On On On,” pointing to the light as he clicks the switch up and down. “That’s right … light on.” “Eye Eye Eye Eye ... On On On.” “No, light on ... not eye.” Bathtime: “Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye,” gulp of bath water. He lifts his head to show off a beard of bubbles grinning. “Eye Eye Eye.” “Hey, see mamma's nose. Say nose, nose.” “Eye Eye.” Sigh.