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Fantasy Cupcake Anxiety

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
As mentioned I like to Google random words in my spare time. My favorite word of late has been “Cupcake.” Reason being I’m thinking of making some cupcakes for Soren’s first birthday which isn’t far off. A one-year-birthday is a big deal but a large party with clowns and bump-n-jumps seems frivolous. I’m thinking a few family members with pizza and cupcakes is going to be the little affair for my big man. A one hour event…tops. Anyway so I Googled “cupcake.” I was completely stunned. There are thousands of sites and blogs devoted to the mini-cake. I had no idea! cupcake.jpg Seems in the larger metro areas like L.A. and N.Y.C. cupcakes are all the rage! There are tons of little bakeries devoted to gourmet cupcake baking. They have cute names like the Cupcake Royale, the California Cupcake Company, and Sprinkles. One article claims that cupcakes are the “New Cocaine.” How many do you have to eat to get that effect? balls.jpg There are posh skater-style stores devoted to cupcake t-shirts and hoodies like Johnny Cupcakes. (I really like some of these.) And sweet blogs galore!!! There’s an endless foodie circle of bloggers that devote page after page to their latest “I can bake better than you” creations. It’s the newest hottest wedding trend to serve white cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake. wedding.jpg I started to wonder if I could have a new career in cupcake baking. Is this town ready for an entire store devoted to the cupcake? What about other mini sweet treats? Maybe a store reminiscent of European bakeries which sell three bite delicacies like tiramisu and banana eclairs? I’d sell cakes with cutsey names like Palisade Peachy Paradise and Bookcliff Spice and Red Dirt cakes. I’d cater weddings with pure white mini cakes covered in pale pink marzipan and topped with live edible pansies. Or maybe I’d make inspirational cakes for church socials with words like truth, devotion, and love scrolled in rich buttercream. flower.jpg Aaawww…nice daydream. It all starts with the first dozen. There are thousands upon thousands of Internet recipes. I was planning on making some cakes out of a box. Maybe I’d throw in a handful of chocolate chips if I were feeling exceptionally creative. But after this wide search, it’s just not going to be good enough. I’m now thinking of chocolate raspberry with blue buttercream frosting. Or maybe strawberry with cream cheese frosting decorated with blue #1’s. green.jpg I don’t know. Now I’m overwhelmed. Any suggestions?