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Fast Food and My ‘tude

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“So, how did the first day go?? •Oh man, it was great! My Spanish teacher is so cool! And they have the best food! Taco Bell, Domino’s pizza, McDonald’s french fries and I swear the biscuits they had were Chick-Fil-A!? I breathed a sigh of relief and knew that it would be a good year. Later that evening I get a cell phone call as I was driving my visiting-sister back to our other sister•s house. (More on the whole sister invasion thing later.) “Mom, can you stop at Albertson’s and buy some book covers?? •No, we can make book covers out of brown paper bags.? •OK. Then can you buy some brown paper bags?? •Uh, no. We have them at home.? •OK. Bye? Two minutes later: •Mom, we can’t make book covers because I left the books at school.? •Well, then we’ll do it when you bring them home.? •But it’s worth ten points to bring them in tomorrow!? •Then you’ll need to remember to bring stuff home next time. Tell your teachers I think that it’s unrealistic to expect parents to get it together that fast and they had a whole summer to make us aware of book covers.? •Mom, that kind of attitude is soooo middle-school.? Yeah. Pass the Chick-Fil-a biscuits, please.