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Glenwood Springs report card

By Robin Dearing
We spent the Mother's Day weekend with my brother's family in Glenwood Springs. Instead of a long, dry explanation of what did and saw, I'm going to grade the major elements of our trip in honor of the end of the school year. The town of Glenwood Springs: A- The area in and around Glenwood Springs is beautiful. Their downtown is nice (made even nicer by the obliteration of the reverse-angle parking — Hello Grand Junction City Council! Many people have a hard time backing into a wide-open street, why make it harder?). The drive is short enough, but I would have awarded the town of Glenwood Springs an "A" if it was even closer to Grand Junction and connected by bike path as to avoid expending umpteen millions of dollars on gas. Glenwood Canyon Resort: B+ given with the squinty eyes of skepticism Apparently the newish Glenwood Canyons Resort used to be a trailerpark, but now is a nice RV campground which includes camper cabins and "resort" cabins. My brother reserved a "resort" cabin which their Web site said would sleep six comfortably. We had seven, but the three little kids slept up in the "loft." By loft, they meant an area that Margaret and Colby could stand up but the rest of us feeling a little claustrophobic. The cabins are newish and the kitchens have nice appliances and are stocked with cookware and dinnerware. The pull-out sofa upon which Bill and I slept wasn't horribly uncomfortable, so we slept well enough. The downside was we didn't have a place to have a fire, so we cooked marshmallows on the gas grill provided on the attached deck. Because they are still in the process of finishing the "resort," there was no playground or other things to keep kids occupied, but we took advantage of its closeness to the riverfront trail and walked along there in the evening. Overall, we enjoyed our time at the "resort," but I found that even with the Mother's Day discount, the cabins were more than a little expensive. If my brother hadn't been paying, I doubt we've stayed there. And they seemed a little stingy on some things like towels and charged $15 a day for maid service. Glenwood Caverns: A Cave are cool — literally. Glenwood Caverns are a really nice set of caves. If you like that kind of thing at all go see these. The tour is about an hour and requires some stair climbing but I think it's worth it. caves.jpg Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park: C The caves are part of the "adventure park" but I separated them out, because the caves are cool. The rest was a disappointment. First, it was expensive and you can't bring your own food into the park. Also you have to take the tram up to the park and caves which is cool, unless the weather is bad. And guess what? The weather turned bad while we were there. They closed down the few rides they had open and the tram to get down. A couple of things advertised on their Web site that would've been a lot of fun for the kids were not going to be open until later in the season. Because of the weather we had to wait for a van to get off the mountain, which is not fault of the owners and operators of the park, but it was annoying since we'd forked out a large chunk of change to basically get a tram ride up the mountain and the cave tour. Luckily, Bill heard someone else ask for a refund on the ride tickets that we purchased at $2.50 a pop, so we got some of our money back which made us feel better. Eventually I think this will be a fun place to take the kids, but they've got a long way to go. Oh, I should mention that the one ride we did get to go on, the Alpine Coaster, was really fun. from%20the%20coaster.jpg I took this picture by putting the camera behind my head on the way back up the hill. Hike to Hanging Lake A+ My favorite part of the trip was the hike up to Hanging Lake. It was great in so many ways. I wrote about it over here if you're interested. I would highly recommend this hike despite the warnings and all. It's only a mile and it's shady. You won't regret it.