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Gone and done

By Robin Dearing
Considering how sick Margaret was last week, the fact that she has just a random cough and a bit of a runny nose today is amazing, but so goes the immune system of a healthy child. Margaret attests her rapid recovery to the vast amounts of Sierra Mist Free that she drank over the past week. Normally soda of any sort is a special treat beverage, but she suffered six days of fever and claimed that the soda had some sort of healing power. So we let her drink it. It has no caffeine or sugar and it made an otherwise miserable child happy. After drinking a can of the diet "pop" (as some like to call it) myself, I was lead to ask the can of Sierra Mist Free, "What is the point of you? You have nothing of value. Bubbles are nice, but what do they add to the world, really? Gah!" It responded with a gentle fizz and said nothing else. I think I was a little delusional at the point as we'd spent the last week up many nights with a coughing child. And instead of resting on the weekends, we ensconced ourselves in the world of home improvement. It seemed that everything that we attempted to do was thwarted by either my own stupidity (enhanced by the Dearing gene that suggests one should never read the instructions on anything until after it's broken) and bad luck. But we are pretty much done with the kids' room shuffle and the transformation of Mar's old room into a little office/TV room for Bill and me. Here are couple quick (and blurry, for some reason ... I'm gonna say that it's to add an artistic flare) pictures I snapped this morning of Mar's new room and our "office": Mar's room.jpg When Margaret was just a few months old, my parents came for a visit. At the time we only had a crib and a changing table in her room. My mom asked me one day, "Can we buy Margaret a dresser?" Never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly agreed. We ended up buying an unfinished chest of drawers and then my mom and I painted it ourselves. I will always love that dresser. Study.jpg This room isn't a really a "room" at all, but a converted service porch. It's attached to our bedroom and worked wonderfully as a nursery and then as a tiny bedroom for Margaret. Bill commented last night how strange it is to not have our little girl right next to us. We agree that it's best for everyone, but we always loved having her so close. And once again I'm having trouble remembering just why it is that kids need to grow up anyway.