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Good intentions on fun Monday

By Robin Dearing
We Haute Mamas had the good intentions to play along with the Mama Drama gals to participate in Fun Monday with all the other Fun Monday players. We failed. So instead, I'm making my own Fun Monday. I read about this meme on this nice gal's blog (how do I know she's nice? I operate on the fact that all the people I steal things from are nice, it buffers the guilt). This meme goes like this: You google the following phrase with your name filled into the blank: "Last I heard __________ was" and then you see what gossipy things are out there on the Internets about you. Here's what I found: 1. Last I heard Robin was being kept in protective custody by the FBI for safety reasons. Oh, FBI protective custody. I wonder if they are trying to protect me from eating all those donut holes. 2. Last I heard Robin was working in the Twin Cities ... Yeah, that's not gonna happen. That's a little too cold for this cold-blooded girl. 3. Last I heard she was in Portland, Oregon and still in the game. Good news, I'm still in the game. I wonder what game it is? 4. Last month I heard Robin on Public radio introducing her new CD. How I wish this were true. But alas, my band is not quite done with our new CD. Maybe it's a harbinger of things to come. 5. Last I heard, her brother still worked there. And you know what? He still does work there. Although, we're currently try to convince him to not work there anymore and move here instead. Ha! That's fun. Try it with your name and lemme know what funny things you find. Happy Fun Monday!