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Halloween in Pictures

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
I think life is what you make of it and the holidays are no exception. This year my family went all out and did Halloween up right. Maybe it was because we have a kid and maybe it was because the mood just struck us. Whatever it was we had a busy and truly happy Halloween. It started with National Pumpkin Carving Day which of course we celebrated by having a carving contest. My hubby had a creative burst of genius and decided we needed to use hollowed out eggs for creepy eyeballs. carve.jpg close.jpg We had to carve in shifts as someone had to hold the baby and keep him from ingesting errant pumpkin seeds. Inspired by Marty's genius, I created this pumpkin I call "Whimsy." eye.jpg Yeah—those are chopsticks and green tomato antennae. I don't know who won the contest but we had quite a few comments by the trick or treaters about our unusual eyeball choice. Prince Soren loved Halloween. He wore his costume with pride and never tried to eat his crown. prince.jpg He greeted everyone with a big smile while he used a small box of Hot Tamales as a rattle. Of course he played the charming part perfectly. Mostly he charmed the people here at the Daily Sentinel, like Robin. randr.jpg Linda: linda.jpg And Melissa: melissa.jpg We finished by handing out candy to mostly teenage beggars at our door. By 7 p.m. my prince was pooped and so was I! porch.jpg