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Happy Halloween!

By Robin Dearing
Tonight's the night all the ghosts, goblins, Cinderellas and Little Mermaids come out and beg for candy at stranger's doors. If you think about it, trick-or-treating is a strange practice. We teach our kids to never take candy from strangers — except for this one night where we brave the cold and walk our kids around dressed in any sort of feathery, polyester and plastic apparel so they can ring doorbell after doorbell expecting the folks within to haul their cookies to the door and give the little kids free candy. And I think it's all just great. Mostly because I love to eat Halloween candy and there's no way my kid can eat all that candy herself. I mean, she only gets a piece or two a day and she always ends up with a huge bag that will most definitely go bad if I don't eat it by next week. But tonight won't be Margaret's first time trick-or-treating this year. Saturday, my friend and I walked downtown with our two daughters and a pair of adorably well-behaved twins that I could eat with a spoon they are so sweet to let our gaggle of kids beg free candy from the merchants downtown. Trick or treaters.jpg I love living in Grand Junction and I love it all the more because I live close enough to downtown that we can easily walk down to enjoy the plethora of events and festivals that go on along our charming Main Street. I remarked to my friend Saturday that our downtown merchants are so generous in that they opened their doors and their pocketbooks to allows scores of bedecked children to tromp in and out of their stores for several hours and handed out free candy and expect nothing in return. There were crowds of fairies, ninjas, cowboys, princesses, unicorns and firemen roaming the street as we walked from store to store encouraging them to fill their bags while we tried to keep track of all four kids — it's like herding cats, I tell ya. After the walk down one side of Main Street, our quartet was running out of steam. We stopped at one of the free cookie decorating tables and had the kids make a cookie then sit and eat it. Halloweenies.jpg Lemme just say, I am impressed by the power of sugar. While we were waiting for the kids to munch their pumpkin-shaped cookies, our little Davy Crocket started to fade. His blinks got longer and longer and I'm sure if we hadn't been watching him and chuckling under our breath, he would have fallen asleep right there on Main Street amid all the Halloween hoo-ha. But then, 20 minutes later on our walk back home, he was racing ahead of us trying to be the first one to reach the corner. I am now a convert to the power of granulated sugar. Lookit these girls: Kate cat.jpg Mar butterfly.jpg Pretty cute costumes, eh? Oh? But not as cute as your kid/grandkid/niece/nephew/neighbor's costume? Then prove it by sending pictures of your little ones to me at Robin Dearing by Monday, Nov. 6. On Monday, we'll post all the Halloween costume pictures we get and then you — that's right, dear readers — you will vote on who you think is the best/cutest/most creative costume. The two that receive the most votes will receive two tickets to the Avalon Theater. You can e-mail me or post any questions in our comments. Happy Halloween!