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Happy Valentine’s Day

By Robin Dearing
Yes, it may be one of those made-up holidays invented by greeting card companies, but that doesn't mean that you can't take the opportunity to remind those that matter in your life that you love them. Valentine's Day at The Daily Sentinel office is marked by a steady stream of floral deliveries. We wander around the office enjoying the bouquets and oh-ing and ah-ing. It's a nice day. Bill always gets me something lovely. This year was no exception: Tulips.jpg Tulips. Oh how I love them. They're so elegant without being pretentious. All of us here in the office got an early Valentine's treat yesterday in the form of a just-turned-one-year-old little boy who stomped around and delighted us all: Pictures of Soren copy.jpg Soren is such a sweet little boy. His sunny face lit up with every new toy he discovered as he made friends across the office. I even took a little video of him. Sweeter than chocolate, that one is.