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Heaven scent

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There is no better smell than a newborn baby’s head. Really – the next time you’re lucky enough to snuggle up to a baby, your own or someone else’s, breathe in that smell. I really think that there are pockets in heaven that smell the same way. I loved when my son was a baby and I could just hold him and breathe him in. It wasn’t so much the Johnson’s baby soap, or baby wipes, or other less pleasant baby smells that were so maternally appealing. It was just the smell of my child himself. They say that mother and baby cows recognize each other by their smell and I think that humans are the same way. I could tell where my son had been just by his smell. He smelled of the outdoors, or school, or daycare. Never unpleasant, just recognizable. As he grew to his pre-teen years, I was definitely glad that AXE body spray was invented. And now sometimes the scent of AXE lingers in the house like a cloud long after Alex has left for school. Still, his own signature scent hasn’t left him. It’s just stronger and different now. And yes, admittedly, sometimes teenage boys are just plain stinky. Last weekend my son had some friends over and they spent the better part of the afternoon patrolling the neighborhood for any girls that might have moved in overnight that they didn’t yet know about. When they came back to the house and proceeded to eat and drink for thirty minutes straight, they really smelled. Not especially good, but not bad either. Just teenage boy kind of scent. Like elk marking trees during the fall rut. I came home last night after a three-day business trip. It was about 11:00 p.m. and my son was sound asleep. I quietly opened the door to his room, tip-toed to his bed and hovered over him. I bent down and put my face close to his and just breathed in that smell. I couldn’t help it. I had missed it. Pockets of heaven.