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Help me out here

By Robin Dearing
Here's my Friday afternoon conundrum: Does my kid have the right to be annoying? I mean if she isn't doing anything really wrong, isn't hurting herself or anyone else and is enteraining herself, does she have the right to be annoying to me? bagels 1.jpg Recently we were downtown eating lunch at the bagel shop. Margaret was enjoying a jug of strawberry milk. As she reached the bottom of the jug, she began using her straw to blow bubbles in the milk. I made her stop. It's gross to blow bubbles in your milk, plus it's annoying. Should I have let her? bagels 3.jpg She wasn't hurting anyone. She wasn't making a mess. But still I made her stop. Or how about when she's playing with her best-friend, Kate, and they start making all those annoying little girls noises that are loud and unpleasant. Mar and Kate.jpg If they aren't being overly obnoxious, shouldn't I just let her be? I never know when I should be molding her into a well-behaved, obedient, darling of a child and when to let her be a wild, raving banshee. Is there some sort of balance I'm trying to seek? I can't believe I left my "How to be the perfect mom" handbook at the hospital the day after she was born.