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Introducing the Haute Mamas

By Robin Dearing
We, like most moms, like to talk about our kids. It’s hard not to brag about their accomplishments and moan about the tribulations of motherhood. Lynn stops by my desk almost daily to tell me of the latest event in the always-entertaining life of her 14-year-old son, Alex — how he plays on the only lacrosse team in the Grand Valley and competes nationally in stick fighting, how his quick wit sometimes gets him in trouble … can a kid really be grounded until he’s 30? And I counter her tales of teenaged angst with anecdotes about my precocious, 5-year-old daughter, Margaret — how she has blossomed into an amazing reader in kindergarten, how she is more concerned with being funny then being good, with her confusion between Jesus and the Easter Bunny. Mar1.jpg Our daily momfest now includes the sleepless stories Richie tells us about her newborn, Soren — how she was misguided by the parenting books, how sleeping for three hours gets her really excited and how she never knew she could love someone so much. When the three of us got together to talk about starting this blog, the conversation quickly turned to the topic of breastfeeding. Lynn and I recounted for Richie tales of nursing in public places — on airplanes, restaurants and even while answering the door. We’ll never run out of topics to discuss and stories to tell. When we pitched this idea for this blog to the managing editor, I assured him that my daughter is a veritable fountain of entertaining stories. Richie chimed in, “My kid … he’s just a fountain? • oh the joys of caring for an infant! What we hope to accomplish here is to give our perspectives on the condition that is being “mom? and we hope that you moms out there • and dads, too — will share your stories as well.