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Is The Caller There?

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So I ask him, “Alex, it’s my turn to blog tomorrow. What should I write about?” “As long as it’s not about me and Suzie Q I could care less.” Suzie Q is his friend-girl and not her real name. I say friend-girl as opposed to girl-friend because I am not ready for him, nor is he ready in my opinion, to have a girl-friend. Having explained all that, I figured I might as well go ahead and blog about it. Suzie Q is a very cute girl. She is also intelligent and as far as I know a good student. I have met her briefly once or twice and seen pictures of her on Myspace. Alex has been smitten with her for months now. They have gone to numerous movies together, been ice skating and I’m fairly certain they will be attending the winter dance at school together next weekend. Now the good part of this for Alex at least is that these social events are attended with a group of friends and are not technically dates. This means that he does not have to pay for them, or more accurately, her. Where it gets puzzling for me is that they have endless, and I mean endless, phone conversations. I am always amazed that two teenagers who have spent the better part of the school day together can talk for hours on end later that same day. What the heck do they talk about? Bush’s state of the union address? The pros and cons of nuclear energy? Amnesty for illegals? The part of this I struggle with is if and how I should limit these phone conversations. Right now, I see no real negative effects. His grades are fine, he is no more or less well-behaved, and as far as I know they are not plotting anything immoral or illegal. It just bugs me that he is in his room literally from the time he gets home from school until the next morning, emerging only to eat and shower. I don’t like the lack of actual face-to-face socialization that goes with the whole cell phone, instant messaging stuff. And to be honest I ask myself if I’m struggling with it because it’s his friend-girl or would I be equally, or more, concerned if it was his guy friends? How do other moms and dads deal with this? Advice? Suggestions?