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It’s All About Meme

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Last but not least . . . Ten Things That Make Me Happy 1. A sincere “I love you” from my son, or anyone else for that matter 2. Having my family close at hand 3. A bottle of really good red wine for less than ten bucks 4. An up-close parking spot 5. A haircut I like the first time 6. Prayers answered the way I think they should be answered 7. Going on a picnic - anytime, anywhere, any weather 8. A full tank of gas, a clean car, my favorite CD’s and an open road (OK that’s four, but they’re related) 9. I can still do at least ten real push-ups 10. Making my son laugh Nine Places I’ve Visited 1. King Hassan’s palace in Morocco 2. La Alhambra 3. Haleakala Crater 4. Harry’s Farmer’s Market 5. Praia de Roca 6. Montreal 7. La Catedral de Sevilla 8. Canyonview Stadium 14 9. Monterey Bay Aquarium Eight Random Things You Might Not Know About Me 1. My tan lines from Hawaii are beginning to fade 2. I won the school spelling bee in 6th grade 3. My spice cabinet is alphabetized 4. There are certain crimes I would commit if they ever become de-criminalized 5. I have never seen “Rocky Horror Picture Show” 6. I once drove all night with friends to get tickets to a Grateful Dead concert (about which I remember little) 7. I love to make and eat soup, any kind of soup 8. I own t-shirts that are older than my son Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die 1. Snowshoe 2. Win Powerball 3. Have grandchildren 4. Visit Scotland and Ireland 5. Get Botox 6. Be on an episode of Boston Legal 7. Have time to say a Hail Mary Six Ways To Win My Heart 1. Tell me I’m a good mother 2. Take me on a trip somewhere 3. Compliment my son 4. Be my handyman and fix stuff 5. Don’t argue with me about ANYTHING when I have PMS 6. Support me even if you don’t agree with me Five Things I Don’t Like 1. People who throw their cigarette butts out of their car windows 2. Any so-called “reality” TV 3. People who litter, especially in the wilderness 4. Catfish 5. People who don’t clean the microwave at work after they use it Four Things I’m Afraid Of 1. Anything bad happening to my son 2. Choking, drowning or some other violent death like murder 3. Getting cancer or any life-threatening illness 4. Being the only survivor after nuclear war Three Ways To Turn Me Off 1. Vote for a candidate or issue without bothering to become informed about either 2. Blame all your problems on other people or events and refuse to take responsibility 3. Pick your teeth in public after eating Two Things I Wish I Had 1. My original Woodstock poster 2. The proverbial magic bullet One Thing On My Mind Right Now 1. That I actually get paid to do this