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It’s Amazing Ain’t It????

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Before kids I'd hear people say "They grow up so fast" blah blah.....but just this week I've come to fully realize just what people have been talking about. Yesterday, my baby was sitting on my lap (he can almost sit up all by himself without support) and his cousin was sneakily sipping my soda. Soren reached out and grabbed the cup and started to pull as hard as he could. Being nine-months larger, she wrestled the cup from his bear hug pretty easily but not before he successfully snagged the straw. That made her cry in protest and him smile in glee. But then he poked himself in the eye and he started to cry too. The whole scene delighted me despite the crying of two babies. When did he learn to do that???? He's never had a drop of soda but he's figuring out that food tastes good. Plus to see him socially interacting with her amazed me. And, wow, did he ever have that cup in a two fisted wrestle hold. The one-year-old really had to work to get her way. I can see this is only the beginning of many wrestling matches between these cousins. Of course, they both lost the soda after that because frankly it was mine. Everyday my baby becomes more of a kid and less of a baby. It's bittersweet really.