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It’s good to be pregnant at K-Mart

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
There are so many unmentionable uncomfortable aspects to pregnancy that I just have to look for the little positive and cool things. Here's one of them: sign.jpg That sign is located in the K-Mart (Wait—is it called Big K now?) parking lot. There are two spaces reserved for pregnant mothers. How cool is that? I've never seen any other store that extends that courtesy. You would think that people would park there regardless of the sign but they really don't. That parking space keeps me going back to K-Mart for my little stuff like cleaning supplies and nail polish on a regular basis. I used it at Christmas, not really showing yet, and I felt a little embarrassed. But now that I have the rotund belly I intend to park there every chance I get for the next five months. All stores should take note and add a few "mom of little people spaces". What mom couldn't use a little more room to drag the double wide stroller out of the trunk, unshackle the kids from the back seat, strap them in, search for the diaper bag, grab the purse, lock the doors, unlock doors to retrieve cell phone, lock the doors, unlock the doors to retrieve sippy cup, lock doors, and then finally get the stroller moving without getting hit by oncoming store traffic? The WORST is when the occupants of the car next to you come up and stand there waiting to get into their car. I apologize but I can't really get out of the way fast enough much to my embarrassment. I haven't seen that many businesses extend an extra courtesy to moms. My little City Market on First and Orchard insists I let them load my groceries for me when I'm pregnant or even toting Soren. That's pretty nice. Motherhood Maternity offers a place for moms to breastfeed privately and without scorn or proof of purchase. Anybody seen other cool "extras" put out there by businesses just for moms?