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Jolt to the system

By Robin Dearing
Earlier this week I told my fellow Haute Mamas that I wanted to write about this story and the fact that my band got its picture on the cover of the Out & About today. But as I was writing that entry earlier this week, I got a call from my husband. Our doctor was admitting him to the hospital. His blood sugar was sky-high and he suspected diabetes. After a two-day stay in St. Mary's, it's been confirmed. Our lives will never be the same. It's manageable, of course, but anyone who has this disease or who knows someone with this disease knows that it takes constant vigilance and dedication. Now we're just trying to adjust and alter all those things that need adjusting and altering. And we're answering the phone which hasn't stopping ringing. I'm so thankful to all our friends and family who have called with concern-tinged voices asking what they can do to help. Our dear friend and next-door neighbor was one of the many calls I fielded last night. As I talked about how I would be going on Bill's diabetic diet with him, she quickly chimed in, "And your neighbors, too." It may not seem like it, but I guess you could say that we're lucky. We're lucky that we caught this before his out-of-control blood sugar caused him to have a seizure. We're lucky that we have lots of treatment options and the ability to easily and quickly check his sugar levels. We're lucky that Bill's home and ready to do what he has to do to stay healthy. After all, it is what it is.