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Just Another Day.

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
This week has been uneventful in the Ashcraft household. We’re just plodding along; baby shuttle, work, baby shuttle, dinner, bed. I’m finding that on weeks like these mundane things count as “events? and here•s my latest. Soren has been staying with his Grandma Ashcraft this week. She loves her smallest grandson. They play and swing. Grandma spoils him rotten as she should. He can do no wrong as far as she is concerned. And when he looks at Grandma, it is obvious he loves her too. The other day, she tells me they pretended he had just come home from school. Boys who come home from school get milk (breast) and cookies. (This is after the chocolate cake he had a lunch.) Aaahh…that’s cute. I don’t know how many Animal Crackers that baby had but he was riding his first sugar high that evening. He was everywhere, rolling and army man crawling from one corner of the room to the next. If I so much as stuck out my tongue he would fall into a fit of hysterics laughing his buns off. His dad and I enjoyed it immensely as getting him to laugh is a chore sometimes. Yesterday, he and grandma played all day and took a really long nap together. I’m so happy that she enjoys him so much. I love that he spends the day with family when we are away. I left a bottle and prunes for his snack. As I was cooking dinner, I stopped to change the baby. I heard a particularly loud spatter hiss from the oven. I left my boy bare butt and rushed into the kitchen. When Daddy opened the front door bearing gifts of wine, he was shocked at the scene before him. I was on the floor holding a naked baby who was covered in…..well, we are talking prunes here. The living room carpet was doomed the day we brought this kid home from the hospital. Without being completely vulgar I can’t describe the mess. It was really bad. As I realized this is not my most shining motherhood moment, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Soren went directly to Daddy who plopped him the tub with a good natured laugh. I cleaned. Twenty minutes later, our clean boy made a choking noise. Dad scooped him up by the belly and he threw up on the same piece of carpet he had just ruined with poop. I cleaned again. (Sick kids are a joy I see Robin!) That carpet has to go. And thank God we had wine!