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Just another manic Monday . . . .

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Anybody that works here at The Daily Sentinel - let me say "blessed" to work here at The Daily Sentinel - will tell you that there is some weird stuff that happens. One never quite knows what one will hear, see or deal with on any given day. That's the nature of the business. Some of the weird stuff that we hear, see or deal with is of our own making. Currently we seem to be having janitorial issues. And some of us get really frustrated about this. There's nothing like the power of print to make a point. So when one co-worker answered the call of nature this morning, she looked at the floor in front of her feet and saw this: Bathroom Popcorn 2.jpg Is it a ransom note? Is it supposed to serve as a warning? Should we take up a collection and send the popcorn kernels on vacation? I mean being stuck, literally, on a bathroom floor for days can't be any fun! Hey, stuff like this is all in a day's work. Except the janitor's.