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Kid pictures for June 2006

By Robin Dearing
Want to see your child here? E-mail pictures to Robin Dearing. azure.jpg Azure with her buddy Sid. Austin Rileigh.jpg Austin, age 10 Rileigh, age 7 Jack.jpg Here's a photo of Jack (1). Although he lives in California, his mom loves the Haute Mamas blog! david&dale.jpg David and Dale are originally from Fullerton, California, moving here in November of 2004. They love their new home, new school, new teachers and new friends. Thanks Grand Junction for welcoming us to our new home!!! John Emily.jpg Here is an older picture of my two children - John & Emily. John still has all his teeth (he's lost 7 of them since then) and Emily is the adoring little sister. Reigan.jpg Reigan, age 10 Ashley.jpg This is a picture of Ashlyee Smolha. Dore's kid. She is almost 15 years old. Keep your kids young because they think they are much older than they really are. Veronica.JPG This is Veronica, and she hangs out with her momma, Ann Marie, and her Aunt Peggy in Flagstaff, AZ. ohhhhh sammy.jpg Sammy! Jonathan.jpg Jonathan, age 6 Jedidiah.jpg Jedidiah, age 4 Kate.jpg Kate, 4-1/2 years old. Jordan.jpgJordan's almost 1!