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By Robin Dearing
I blinked. I blinked and my baby turned into a kindergartener. I blinked again and the year is now over. Before I had a kid of my own, I thought events like pre-school and kindergarten "graduations" were hokey. That was before I sat with my tissue ready and watched my daughter participate in her kindergarten graduation. Mar's graduation class.jpg Margaret sang the songs she had practiced with a mixture of genuine gusto and feigned enthusiasm. She covered her mouth and looked embarrassed when one of her silver flip flops fell under the bleachers. She was the only kid that cried. She was selected to sing a special part in their last song. Margaret stood in front of her class with the microphone and sang along with the rest of the class. There was a break and she began singing alone, singing beautifully. Then it happened. She forgot the words or saw me getting all teary eyed or she just plain got nervous but she stopped singing and started crying. A teacher's aide rescued her and brought her back to the rest of the class. She finally recovered her composure once the principal started giving out the awards and diplomas. Each child received their awards, walked to the front of the stage area, bowed and went back to their places. Margaret received awards for reading and music, for participating in the Book It program (we spent a lot of time redeeming Pizza Hut coupons this year) and one for being diligent in her homework. The teacher even made a special comment about her reading capabilities. But after the program was over, Mar told me that she was disappointed with herself because she messed up her song. She was the most decorated kid in her class and all she felt was disappointment. Mar and I talked with her wonderful teacher who assured her that a little crying never ruined any singing performance. I love this woman; every kindergarten teacher should be made from her mold. ETA: In the above picture, Margaret is in the top row on the far left in the blue. If you look closely she's only wearing one flip flop.