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Knowing Me…Knowing You

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Ten Random Things You Might Not Know About Me! 1. I grew up "off-the-grid" often without running water or electricity. 2. I wear socks to bed and then kick them off before I fall asleep. There's always a nest of disgarded socks at the foot of my bed. 3. I'm passive-aggressive. 4. I like to search random words like "tiny pants" "crackhead" and "europeans" into search engines to see what comes up. 5. ivars.gif This is one of my favorite restaraunts although I've only been there twice. 6. I like scary movies because they make me giggle. 7. I put ketchup on my eggs. 8. I'm klutzy and socially awkward at times. 9. I'm secretly shy. 10. I read A LOT! I'll read anything including shampoo bottles while I'm waiting for the conditioner to set in. Nine Places I've Visited: 1. the white house.jpg The White House 2. breakers.jpg The Breakers 3. sistine.jpg The Sistine Chapel 4. chichen.jpg Chichen Itza 5. ephesus.jpg Ephesus 6. knossos.jpgKnossos 7. petra.jpgPetra 8. via delorosa.jpg Via Delorosa 9. red sea.jpg The Red Sea Eight Ways To Win My Heart 1. Take me somewhere...anywhere. 2. Surprise Me. 3. Remember something random I've said. 4. Save something I've given you. 5. Be there for me in my weakest moments. 6. Remember my name and how to spell it. 7. Let ME be nice to YOU! 8. Chocolate. Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die: 1. Have more kids. 2. Take those kids backpacking in Europe, to Disneyland, and to Yellowstone. 3. Eat at Tavern on the Green 4. Retire Rich. 5. Value and use all the time I have left. 6. Catch a really really big fish...then let it go. 7. Tell my family I love them every single day. Six Things I'm Afraid Of. 1. Not having any emergency food in my house. 2. Losing my family. 3. My teeth falling out. 4. Bankruptcy. 5. People stalking me on this blog. 6. Getting old. Five Things I Don't Like: 1. I don't like when Internet commenters use acronyms like DD for darling daughter or LOL for laugh out loud. I can't always figure it out and it's annoying....FFS! 2. Drivers that turn into the far lane....It's illegal and annoying. 3. When people stand too close to me in the line at the grocery store. 4. Onions. 5. Rude people. Four Ways To Turn Me Off 1. Make fun of me. 2. Not listen. 3. Be cranky for no reason 4. Be boring. Two Things That Make Me Happy 1. SoJo 2. Marty One Thing On My Mind Right Now 1. Lunch