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Life Goes On

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It’s been a sad week in our house because we’re missing Asher. Our little puppy made it through his ordeal but he is now living with some employee of the emergency vet clinic. I still think the way the staff handled things there was really pretty crappy but I’m dealing with that through other channels. We’ll get another puppy someday but we’ll never forget Asher. How could we? Asher%20on%20deck.jpg "Can somebody help me up here?" Asher%20sleeping.jpg "A little nap never hurt." Alex insists on keeping the crate in his room until he gets another puppy. He won’t even consider moving it to the garage. Fine with me. Asher thought it was pretty cozy. Ashersnoozin.jpg Many thanks to all of you out there who called or commented with support and encouragement and righteous anger about the whole series of events. It was really uplifting to see so many nuggets of goodness in the people we know. So . . . Alex went to homecoming this past weekend and I get no information from him, as you know. I pumped his friends for a few details and it sounds like it was the typical high school dance scenario - high on drama, low on actual dancing. Alex did a great job arranging the social agenda for the evening, complete with whose parents would drive who, when and where. Good job son! His plans also included having about five of his friends back to our house after the dance for an evening of Halo 3. All I have to say about that is that any conversation you have with a group of teenagers that includes the phrase, “We didn’t think it would actually start on fire” does not bode well. The fall weather is beautiful. I managed to fit in a hike with my sisters before the rain came this weekend. If all goes as planned we’ll be going on a long overdue camping trip this weekend. One of these days I’m sure I’ll have a working toilet in my master bathroom. So life goes on, and you suck up the bad stuff and remember there is, at the end of the day, a lot more good. AsherandAl3.jpg