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Like mother (and father), like daughter

By Robin Dearing
As much as I try to weasel my way into Margaret's psyche, she shuts the weasel hole and leaves me out in the cold. I would love to dress her in black turtlenecks and black Chuck Taylors, but she just won't have it. So, I've stopped trying to force my way in and let her find her own way of expression. And the more I loosen the reigns, the more she's apt to follow. This revelation has been very fun for us. Early in the year Bill bought Mar a cheap pair of slip on tennis shoes to wear to school. so cheap in fact that the insole has started to deteriorate and cause Mar no end of discomfort. This weekend I took her to find a new pair of shoes. We looked through rack after rack of shoes, sorting through the shoes with all the rhinestones, silver foil and Bratz logos. My goal was a shoe that was most comfortable and too ugly. As we walked down the aisles, I would point out ones that I thought she would like and some that I liked. She'd veto the ones I liked the most and try to talk me into ones with so plastic and things dangling off of them they looked more the an ornament for Liberace then a pair of athletic shoes. Finally she picked up a pair of Vans that were black, white and neon pink. I held my breath ... was she mocking me. They were adorably cute and exactly like something that I liked and knew her dad would love ... a skateboard shoe. After trying on the size 2.5 pair and the size 3 pair about 15 times each, she assured me that the 2.5 was perfect. I ran to the register, sure that she was going to change her mind at any moment. I think her change in taste is due to the fact that she's inundated with the images and Bill and I love and it's just seeped into her impressionable brain. For example, Friday I bought Margaret a little "Thanks for being such a swell kid" surprise gift. When she saw this gift, she proclaimed that I was the "best mother ever." I was going for "coolest" mom ever, but I'll take the "best." nails%203.jpg nails%201.jpg Cute huh? Yeah, they are cheapy stick on fake nails and lasted a total of 2 minutes once she actually started using her fingers for any activity other than fashion modeling. Oh well, they were cute while they lasted. _______________________________________________ Happy Birthday, Mom! Thanks for everything. Hope you have a great day!