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Lookit mah squirrel

By Richie Ann Ashcraft
Note: Richie organized the following transcript of our iChat conversation and added her editorial comments. My comments are in italics. --robin The Daily Sentinel is a great place to work not only because of our exemplary staff but also because it can be a lot of fun. Ask any employee and they will tell you that it is the people they work with that make the high stress world of a daily newspaper tolerable. We have numerous gadgets and the latest software at our fingertips to keep us entertained so you just Richie: never know what sort of hijinx will occur next. One day a morphed coworker's face appears by the water fountain or a picture of a red faced baboon might grace the back door. I snuck up on Robin and snapped this picture of her staying cool under pressure: robin.jpg (This is not a good picture of me. It looks like a photo of my face was slapped on the side of a baked ham.) Later we had this conversation about a fellow coworker and his new squirrel which he dug out of my boss's dumpster yesterday. Rendezvous IM with Robin Dearing 2:17 PM Robin: I've got a good question. Richie: k Robin: So, Richie, what's up with Daniel's squirrel and why won't you look at it? Richie: um Robin: Wait. Richie: daniel is always trying to get me to look at stuff that Robin: wait Robin: Never mind. Richie: wait Robin: You're good. I thought my question was revealing too much too early. Richie: k Richie: take 2 Richie: snap Robin: Hey Richie. Richie: yes robin? Robin: What's up with Daniel and his giant squirrel? Richie: uh Richie: i don't know Richie: he wanted it Robin: (remember be edgy) Richie: oh yeah edgy Richie: wait Richie: k Richie: take 3 Richie: snap Robin: Hey Richie (phone, hang on) Robin: K. I'm back. Robin: Hey Richie. Richie: yes robin Robin: What's up with Daniel's big squirrel? Richie: Daniel has a big squirrel? Robin: (OH I agree) bubbles.jpg Richie: Meanwhile back in richie's cube Richie: um Richie: I saw that big squirrel but I didn't look at it Robin: You saw it but you didn't look at it. Richie: even though he yelled out "Hey richie come look at my big ‘ol squirrel Richie: wait Richie: take 4 Richie: snap Richie: K. Richie: so daniel calls me and says: Richie: not hello or hey richie Richie: just hey bring me that big squirrel Richie: so i hauled it down to him Robin: he should fetch his own big squirrel. Richie: i know Richie: then he set it on his desk and yelled out Richie: "hey Richie....wanna see my big squirrel???" Richie: and I said Robin: Did you look at his big squirrel? Richie: not unless it's packing big nuts (Do squirrels pack their nuts? In their mouth or something?) Richie: no i didn't look at his squirrel or his nuts Richie: what kinda lady do you think i am? Robin: That's probably a good idea. Richie: did you look at it? Robin: I don't think co-workers are allowed to show each other their squirrels — nuts or not. Richie: Naw, I avoid big squirrels whenever possible. Richie: Especially at work. Robin: me too Richie: and i don't look at them either Robin: That's a good policy. Yes, that's an actual conversation. Hey, whatever gets you through the day right? Here is the coworker who has an actual squirrel that used to reside in my boss's trash now on his desk. We are supposed to be cleaning not dumpster diving. squirrel.jpg (Yes, he is blushing. I guess that's what happens when he invites coworkers to lookit his squirrel.)