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Manners anyone?

By Robin Dearing
I love living in Grand Junction for too many reasons to list. One of which is the people. I've met many wonderful, interesting, intelligent, funny, friendly folks here in the Grand Valley. Unfortunately, there seems to be an equal number of mannerless— I'm trying to think of an appropriate word that I can use on a family-friendly Web page ... let's go with — dolts living here in the valley as well. You know the type, the people who won't let you merge over when you have your blinker on, but instead speed up. Yeah, those guys. It seems that whenever even a semi-big name band or musician comes to town, the dolts think it's their cue to gather with like-minded individuals and put on the dunce parade. I've been to two shows in Grand Junction where the performer had to stop the show to point out to the dolts who were causing annoying and/or dangerous mayhem that behaving one's self in public is not so much an option as a requirement, especially when one is in a full house. Now, I'm not such a prude as to think that these doltish folks would act like this everyday. I realize that these mannerless clods, more than likely, had ingested compounds of some sort that facilitated such behavior. But that is no excuse. If you cannot hold your liquor, then you should stay home and annoy your family — not me. Don't under any circumstances come out and annoy and/or endanger the rest of the ruly crowd. I love going to shows. I love standing at the front of the stage and singing and dancing with abandon. I've even been in a mosh pit or two in my time. So I'm not some wallflower who wants everyone to sit quietly with their hands folded in their laps. What I want is for people to act with respect towards their fellow human beings. It is my belief that we parents need to instill in our children that there's a difference between having a good time and acting a fool.