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Monday nothings

By Robin Dearing
I wasn't feeling well over the weekend. Saturday I spent the majority of the day on the sofa simultaneously watching a marathon of Americas' Next Top Model and MTV's I Love New York. I'm embarrassed to admit that because neither of these shows have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. I love all kinds of reality TV. But these shows are the dregs. That model show with Tyra Banks is just silly. And that Tyra chick takes herself just too damn serious. "Five models stand before me today. But I only have the pictures of four of you. Once I've revealed who's getting the boot, you must cry, hug girls that you just said you hated, then return to the pimp-assed pad you've been living in to gather your skinny-assed jeans ... and go home." Puh-lease. But that didn't stop me from watching the entire season all. day. long. Of course, to cut the sweetness of that model show, I had to flip over to I Love New York, which, I guess, is a dating show. But dang, that's one crazy show. I mean, when did stripper dresses become the epitome of formal wear? Once I found out that the guy that she ultimately picked, dumped her on the reunion show. I just had to watch the whole thing. I guess since I woke up nauseated and tired and just out of sorts, I decided to make sure I stayed that way by watching two hideous (but oh-so entertaining) shows. Around three, I started to worry that I was wasting a precious weekend day. Then I realized that we're always trying to get the most out of our weekends. I often go back to work Mondays more tired than I was Friday, so I let myself have the day and gave into my sickness. Luckily the only medicine I needed was a hefty dose of raunchy reality TV. Of course the whole weekend was not a loss in that Saturday night we watched the Rockies sweep their series! Woot to the Rockies! And Saturday night, we had a great evening celebrating our dear friend's birthday with some delicious food. Here's a picture of Mar from Friday night: Russian%20hat%20Mar.jpg